DTF Director Retires

Paul Delahoy the Director of the Devon Towns Forum is to retire from the end of October this year.  Paul who has been involved with the Market & Coastal Towns Initiative from 2002 was recruited to develop a new Business Plan for the then Devon Chairs Forum in 2004.  With a newly formed Management Board Paul led the introduction of the 'Devon Towns Forum' overseeing a catalogue of services and activities including many excellent seminars and conferences for which the DTF has earned an unparalleled reputation for its value and cost effectiveness. Working first as its Facilitator the Forum built its range of services with Paul later becoming its Director. With many years of excellent service to the DTF and Devon's Market and Coastal Town Communities and our partners Paul will miss all the great people he has worked with and sends his best wishes to all those with whom he worked.  Everyone at the Devon Towns Forum is grateful for all he has contributed and wish him a long and happy retirement.

Cllr. Bob Buxton Chairman.





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